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Enabling Custom SSL Profiles in WSO2 ESB 4.8.1

Enabling Custom SSL  Profiles in WSO2 ESB 4.8.1 In my previous post I explained about the SSL Handshake and about the mutual SSL Handshake. In WSO2 ESB it supports secure communication with a back end service via SSL.

Use Case Before go in to setting up the environment for SSL , it would be easier to understand if we consider the use case scenario. In this scenario we have a client, ESB Proxy service and a back end service which we are going to communicate with. In this post I am using a simple echo service which is available in WSO2 DSS 3.1.1 .  To communicate with SSL we need to have two main things. A key storeA trust store The key store is for generating public and private keys for hosts and the trust store is for storing trusted key stores' information(for validation).
Deploy a service in a server (In this example I use WSO2 DSS and the echo service is used as the service)

Create a Proxy service in WSO2 ESB to the DSS eco service endpoint.

Create a Cus…

Transport Layer Security vs Secure Socket Layer

Transport Layer Security vs Secure Socket Layer
Both TLS (Transport Layer Security) and SSL (Secure Socket Layer) are protocols which are used for encryption and authentication when communication happens over an insecure network. SSL is usually known as the predecessor of TLS and at most of the time they both are used in combined.
How SSL Differs from TLS
SSL- Initiate a secure connection with the server using the method called "By Port" in which connecting to a specific port should be secure connection.The server is configured in a way, at first a secure connection should use to connect to those ports.
TLS- The secure connection is initiated using the method called "By Protocol". In this method first the client send a simple insecure hello first to the server. After the client hello if the handshake between the client and the server is successful the secure connection is established. Otherwise ignored.
How SSL Handshake works
As I mentione…