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MySQL Performance Testing with MySQLSLAP and Apache Bench

When we create a database it is always a difficult task to determine the performance of the database system under heavy data sets. In the real time, there are situations in which more than one user tries to access your application, web site, etc.. concurrently. In such situations the performance degradation might have a great affect with your database. Therefore it is always necessary to put your database under stress test before you put it to work in the real time.
In this article I am trying to give a brief explanation about how to use some effective tools to test your database system under heavy loads.

MySQLSLAP This tool always come with your MySQL installation and can be found PATH_TO_MYSQL/mysql/bin. Inside this directory you can find a script called mysqlslap.exe (In Windows). After locating the relevant script direct to the location and then you can invoke the mysqlslap as mysqlslap [options].

Above figure shows most widely used set of options to test a certain query with my…