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Using WSO2 ESB HTTP Endpoints to define Restful Endpoints

When we consider about the endpoints which has been allowed in WSO2 ESB there are several as follows

Address EndpointDynamic Load-balance EndpointFailover GroupHTTP EndpointWSDL EndpointLoad-balance GroupIndirect and Resolving EndpointsDefault EndpointTemplate EndpointRecipient List Endpoint
In this post I am going to take you through, how to use HTTP Endpoints to define Restful Endpoints. You can use Uri Templates to achieve this. There we can use the variables to retrieve the values of the uri at run time.

In order to demonstrate this I am going to define an api which I am going to access through an HTTP Endpoint and a proxy service.


Integrating WSO2 ESB Connectors in real world integration Scenarios

For a moment consider some of the third party services we use daily. For an example We can consider Twitter as such a service. When we consider this fact we can identify a lot of service we use in our day to day life. Usually we use APIs to connect to these services as developers. WSO2 ESB Connectors allow you to interact with such third parties’ API from ESB Message flow. With these connectors you can access the API interact with it through the exposed functionalities.
Eg: With the Twitter Connector you can access the twitter API and then retrieve tweets of a user.
At the moment you can find more than hundred of connectors at Connector Repo. And you can build one connector at a time simply with the maven build tool.
Working with one connector can be much simpler as well as less frequently used. Consider a scenario in which we are communicating with two such third parties’ APIs. Such scenarios are complex to handle and messy in configuring them. With WSO2 ESB Connectors you can easily a…