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Writing a Custom Message Builder for WSO2 ESB

In WSO2 ESB, when you write a certain mediation logic, a user can do various types of alterations to the message body, headers, etc. Also a user can just passthrough the incoming raw payload without any message processing inside ESB. In situations where the message processing is done, WSO2 ESB uses a universal payload format within ESB. This universal payload format is SOAP message format.

When ESB receives a certain payload, the raw payload is converted to SOAP message format before further processing the content. For this purpose we use Message Builders. Depending on the receiving message's content type, a particular message builder is selected at the run time, for building the message. 
By default bellow Message Builders are available in WSO2 ESB. SOAPBuilderMIMEBuilderMTOMBuilderApplicationXMLBuilderXFormURLEncodedBuilderBinaryRelayBuilderPlainTextBuilder For most of the message content types, these Builders can be used to build the message. If a particular user thinks that they…