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Ballerina Composer — Tutorial (Part III — Services)

In most of the integration scenarios, you have the requirement of exposing a certain functionality to the outside world as a service. In such a scenario, you can achieve this requirement so much easily with Ballerina Service Definitions. It as simple as just dragging and dropping a service from the composer tool palette to start your service logic. Ballerina service encloses the Resources which contains the integration logic. You can add multiple resources to expose various functionalities as resources, and expose them as types of requests. A service can be consist with following artifacts ResourcesConnectors — Accessible by all the resources (Global to service scope)Variables — Accessible by all the resources (Global to service scope) Composing your first Service

Ballerina Composer — Tutorial (Part II — Function Definitions)

With the first part of this tutorial series, you were provided with basic idea about the ballerina composer and how to use it for writing your integration flows. As you can remember we wrote a simple echo service which is similar to the echo service sample provided with the ballerina distribution. I’ll provide a detailed description about ballerina services in our next tutorial. In this tutorial let’s have a look at one of the top level ballerina language construct, Functions. We will be have a look at what a ballerina function is and how we can use them in a real world integration scenario to provide more flexibility to your integration scenario. What is a Ballerina Function

Ballerina Composer — Flexible, powerful and Smartest ever graphical tool for composing your Ballerina Programs

Ballerina Programming Language

Ballerina is the next generation of general purpose programming languages which is concurrent, strongly typed mapped with both textual and graphical syntax. Ballerina is highly optimized to write programs to integrate with data sources, services, and network-connected APIs of all kinds. To get a more detailed insight about Ballerina (The Language for the the future of Integration :) ), refer You can download and give it a swirl and you’ll feel how cool it is.

Ballerina Composer

Now it’s time to get your dance choreographed with some style. That’s where Ballerina Composer come to the action. Ballerina Composer provides you a greater flexibility on writing your Ballerina Program. Ballerina composer can be introduced as the best and the most strongest graphical representation of a programming language. Ballerina Composer covers each and every corner of the Ballerina Lang.